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"To win without risk is to triumph without glory." -Pierre Corneille

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Our Story

synãpsys, inc. was founded in 2000 with a focus on effecting positive change in organizations. Our efforts have caused clients to rethink their business processes, people systems, and execution strategies.

Our change-enabling perspectives on key business issues leads to impressive developments in many arenas including business planning, strategy development, and performance management.  With a mission to provide our clients the agility and ability to gain/sustain competitive advantage, we’ve enjoyed a solid track record of achievements.

Our approach is collaborative and focused on understanding each organization’s unique needs and issues. We work with our clients identifying tools and methods to enhance innovation. We formulate a plan of action based on our mutual analysis of the gap between the current, "as-is" and the future, "to-be" scenarios. Our implementation employs sound theory and lessons learned improving business performance, reducing risk, and increasing profitability.

Our Services

synãpsys, inc.

is a consulting and development firm helping organizations effect positive change.

We work with clients to develop change-enabling perspectives on key business issues.
Organizational Development

synãpsys effects change enabling solutions through our ability to identify and address complex issues identified within the hidden dimensions of an organization's culture, standards of performance, measurements, results, individuals, and groups. With this ability, we find ourselves close to the pulse of the organization and can readily identify its opportunities for improvement.

Improvement efforts in organizational structure, process design, and people systems will produce the results desired by focusing on the whole system during the organizational development process. Organizational development includes a wide range of activities designed to enable managers and staff to implement strategies and action effecting positive change.

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